• Bonus Features Package 2

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    This includes three deleted scenes from Trichster including footage from the 2012 TLC Retreat closing ceremony with Christina Pearson and the 2013 Trichotillomania Learning Center Conference.

  • Trichster
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    1 video  |  Rent $4.99  |  Buy $12.99

    Trichster follows seven individuals as they navigate the complicated emotions surrounding their hair pulling disorder, clinically known as Trichotillomania, and the effect it has on their daily lives. The disorder is an ever present part of their lives following them through family dinners, schoo...

  • Trichster Documentary and Bonus Features

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    Purchase the full Trichster documentary as well as over 40 minutes of bonus features including deleted scenes and a Q&A with the Trichster cast and director.

  • Bonus Features Package 1

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    Over 40 minutes of Bonus Features including deleted scenes from the film and a Q&A with the Trichster cast and director.